At Fenton House

6 Jun


A stone throw away from Hampstead Heath is a 17th century merchant house named after James Fenton, a Balkan trader who once lived in the house between 1806-34. During their occupation, the house gained a reputation for hospitality.

The South Front of the House

It holds a stunning collection of musical instruments in almost every room; harpsicords, virginals and harps – all are over four-hundred years old.

A 17th century The Shudi and Broadwood harpsicord in the Dining Room

A harpsichord, circa 1612, in the Porcelain Room

A 17th century virginal

Two harps in a corner of a room: the big one is circa 1900 whilst the smaller one is an Irish harp, circa 1829.

A needlework, anonymous, inspired by a Biblical story from the Old Testament.

A portrait of William IV by Sir Thomas Lawrence on the wall next to a flight of stairs to the second floor. William IV gained a nickname “Silly Billy” for his unfitting image as a future king. In the portraiture, his transformation as a figure of power and authority is evident.

The Bedroom of the late Lady Binning, the last owner of the house with her extensive collection of porcellains.

Still in the room, a four-compartment tea container with ornaments on a table. Not until 19th century did women have a tea sitting in a small group but enjoy the tea, which was precious, in private in their bedroom


Alliums in blooms

The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden

Free drawing classes for children and adults on the day

Drawing foxgloves?

Give a bee a life in your garden

And this still in London? Psst, only a few tourists know about the house.


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