A Street Named “TAL(i)BAN” in England

16 May

Once upon a time

there’s a street named after a saint, opposite an old castle.

St. Alban's Street, Windsor

St. Alban’s Street, opposite Windsor Castle

It was there for a long long time until a boy came across the name and thought:

An alternative for “St. Alban’s Street”

“Could it have been?”

Then he was calling his sister and his mum.

His mum said, “What?” in response to his enquiry.

The boy said,”Ibu, look!”

“That’s my lipstick!” she said.

Fortunately, the family who lives in the castle wasn’t there when such a temporary change happened.

Nor did the boy press on to replace the capital “S” with the “I”.

So, once upon a time

there is a street named after a saint.

And it still has been….happily stay and will remain there forever.

(Except for the boy, his sister and his mum who know how to read it).

The End.

*in appreciation for the UK’s National Flash Fiction Day*

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    Thank you for “pause” for visiting my blog.

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